The prospect of monetizing wealth through the sale of a business is an exciting and emotionally-charged experience for a business owner.  Increasingly, sellers are seeking M&A services to design and implement an effective strategy in addressing the capital markets to maximize both shareholder value and objectives.  We assist sellers in all phases of the sale process by providing expert deal analysis, business valuation, due diligence assistance, buyer identification & qualification, materials preparation, deal marketing, final negotiations and structuring.


Global Growth Partners specializes in raising traditional and non-traditional capital for middle market companies.  Our closely-knit, comprehensive group of deal professionals works hand-in-hand with middle market business owners to raise, structure and execute debt, equity and hybrid financings to optimize the company's capital structure for growth, expansion, acquisitions, shareholder buyouts, recapitalizations, restructuring and management buyouts.  Our customized approach to every transaction and our ability to understand valuation and capital structure allows us to tailor the transaction to meet our clients' needs.


Today’s business environment is increasingly competitive and changing.  In order to fuel growth, maintain / enhance competitive position, many companies pursue acquisitions.  Increasingly,  buyers are seeking M&A services to design and implement an acquisition strategy and a strategy to address the capital markets to gain such growth capital effectively.  We assist buyers in all phases of the acquisition process including initial target valuation, structuring letters of intent, transaction structuring (cash up front, seller notes, earnouts, etc.), legal and financial due diligence assistance, negotiations and closing.


Middle market businesses facing major strategic decisions often require assistance with transaction options or strategies that maximize shareholder value.  Global Growth Partners provides sound advice and analytical guidance for various alternatives available in the private capital markets.  Our investment banking team considers internal rates of return, the need for liquidity, diversification of wealth, and industry risk factors to determine strategic alternatives that maximize shareholder value and monetize wealth.  Such mandates may consider recapitalizations, divestures, and acquisitions, etc.


As a result of multiple inquiries from commercial bankers and institutional investors, GGP now offers restructuring strategy services to assist clients in adapting to current challenges in the business environment. GGP advises clients, who are facing transitions under the "new normal" economy, on business strategy and financial capital structure. This parallel focus (strategy and capital structure) is a unique service and requires a prudent financial advisor that not only understands the current operating environment, operations, capital structure, credit markets and capital markets, but has the insight, expertise and relationships to execute in the current environment.


In today’s business environment, there are many situations that require middle market business constituents (owners, shareholders, management, directors, etc.) to understand the fair market value of their business through business valuations.  These situations include a sale, merger or liquidation, recapitalization, buy-sell agreement between shareholders, ESOPs, tax assessments and wealth planning.  Global Growth Partners has the depth and actual transactional experience to provide accurate business valuations to allow clients to make informed decisions related to value..